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Just In Mind OLD Workspace issue

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I have updated the just in mind app to 7.1.1 but the old work space is coming up on my PC.

I have tested the installation of 7.1.1 on another PC, it is giving me enhanced features of 7.1.1

Please let me know what to do to get 7.1.1 work space features on my PC ??

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I have UN-installed the older version and RE-installed the newer version but failed to get the 7.1.1 updated features with new work space.

I am using Window 7 Ultimate.


Hi Muddassar,

In order to assist you, please answer the following questions:

-Could you please check out which Justinmind version are you using ? Follow this path : " Help" / "About Justinmind Prototyper"

-Are you the owner of a license or are you using the free version?


Sonia Durán

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