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JIM's Next steps of Delightful User Experience

Under Consideration Prabhakaran Cheravanji 7 years ago

There are few suggestions for you guys to note it down - which would really improve the user experience of JIM :

- Requesting the new SAP UI5 Widgets, replacing the age old SAP widgets. Hope you guys are aware that people are switching to SAP UI5 and SAP fiori Applications.

It would enable us to stay with JIM. rather switching to Other Prototyping tool like Axure only for the sake of SAP UI5 widgets. as it reduces a lot of prototyping effort and saves time.

- Need Sub Grouping option inside a group.

- Would be much helpful if we can have a different color for the groups.

- 'Copy Layer Properties' & 'Paste Layer Properties' option - in right click menu itself instead of accessing it from toolbar.

- Search bar fixed to the top of the 'outline' panel would be helpful.

- The Precision of 'callout' element is not really so accurate. Expecting the size of arrow to remain same. but only the box size should be increased or decreased.

Also it would be much helpful if we can select that 3 arrow points and just move it left and right with arrow keys to place it wherever we want.

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Hi Prabhakaran Cheravanji,

Thank you so much for reporting this and help to make Justinmind better.

I will transfer this information to our development team so they can take into account for future updates.


Sonia Durán


Hi there,

We have released version 8.4, which fixes this issue. You will need to use the subgroup option inside the group. To receive this update, open Justinmind, then go to Help > Check for updates.


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