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JiM 9.1.1 - Issues with guides

Known Jonathan Serex 3 years ago


Issue 1:In this 9.1.1 version, if we define guides on the template, they are also reflected on the screen. However, in the screen, there is no possibility to distinguish which guides come from the template, and which guides come from the screen. This is confusing, in particular when you want to clear all guides, but some of them remain on screen. Nothing in the UI allows you to understand why some guides were not deleted, you must be aware of the feature "copy guide from template" which is not obvious. This should be improved.

Issue 2:

I find very weird that the option "copy guides from template" can be selected during the creation of a new screen, but cannot be edited anymore afterwards. Actually this should be an option at screen or template level. Said otherwise, in a screen, how can I disable the display of the guides placed on the template, without deleting them at template level ?


Issue 3:

If the 8.x version, it was much more convenient to have the capability to delete a guide with the keyboard. Now we have to select the option "delete guide" with our mouse cursor which is a much more tedious work, especially if you want to delete more than one guide but not all. Please restore the capability to "delete" guides with the keyboard.

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For Issue 1, could you attach screenshots of the problem that you are running into so then I can better help fix the issue for future updates?

Thank you kindly,



Hello Chloe,

Attached is a small video illustrating the issue n°1

At 00:07 sec, I click on "Delete all guides", but not all guides are deleted. (not even all guides defined at screen level). I think this is a bug.

At 00:12 sec, I click on "Delete Vertical Guides", but again not all guides are deleted since 2 vertical guides remain visible. It really looks like a bug, but in this last case this is not a real one since the system rightly deleted the guides placed at screen level, not the ones at template level. But it illustrates that there is an issue with UI design. From my point of view, there should be a possibility to differentiate guides at template level from guides at screen level.

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