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Items go missing

Solved Victor Conesa 9 years ago

I created images.

Brought them in.

Created hotspots.

Hotspot one reveals image2

Hotspot two (on image2) reveals image 3. (same position as image 2)

I keep doing this and then I want to edit image 2 (as for example).

The image is there in the outline. The image is there when I do the simulate but the image is NOT there to edit!? When I go to properities I get a "No Item Selected" msg.

At first I thought I deleted them by mistake. But I don't think that's the case.


To further add to this I made a HTML version and the images are there in the images folder.

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Hello Mayo,

May I ask, is the eye icon visible in the outline panel for the image?




Yes the eye is on.


Here's another example. The rich text does not appear in properties ("No Item Selected"but its found in "Search in Prototype)

AND here's another thing. SOMETIMES it returns !?!

The rich text mentioned about is still missing but the group of items which I wrote about earlier have returned. In all cases the "eye" was on. In that case it's identical to Photoshop.

I'm not talking about not seeing the layer on the screen - I mean when one selects the layer it is not displayed in the properties box and there is nothing to edit/resize/move/add border/whatever.


I had a similar problem where icons and images, text was not displaying when I simulated. I checked the 'Position' under properties and 'Always on Top' was unchecked. After I selected the check box, it would then display when I simulated again. Hope this helps.

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