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Issues while using tha app on google pixel

Solved Sergio Serrano ProLab 4 years ago

While prototyping on JustInMind, my simulation (on chromium) seems to work fine, and on an iphone X aswell, however while trying to use a Google Pixel 3Xl as a testing device on the app, some elements tend to malfunction.

Both my fixed header and chat elements won't stay fixed.

Some inputs change positions and whenever I use a key it moves more.

Something else that happens is that the width of the screen shows a horizontal scroll with a white space on the side, this is my main concern because it inteferes with the sliders and the main interactions.

(I'm using the fit to screen size function)

Sorry for the long post ant thanks for the help.

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Yes, you detected a bug with the 'Fit to screen' option. If you change that option to 'Custom size' all the above will work. We will try to fix it as soon as possible and we'll let you know.


We've released an update today that should fix this issue. Go to Help > Check for Updates to download it.

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