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Issues and suggestions for the iOS/Android viewer app

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago

With the last version of prototyper (I don't know about previous versions) and the last version of the viewer app for Android and iOS I run the following issues:

- Toggle events don't work. At least not a toggle even that change between two images everytime you touch an element. In the web browser (chrome) works fine.

- Pinch Open event don't work. When you try to make the pinch an zoom the options "back" and "refresh" from the viewer pop up, so you can't actually launch the event itself. I am sure there could be other choices to show the viewer app options instead of the 2 fingers tap that seem to conflict with the pinch events.

- Long-press event on an instance of a datagrid works in the web but not in the viewer app. If a long-press event is defined for an instance of a datagrid, when trying to scroll over the datagrid elements the scroll won't work properly.

Now an idea to improve the viewer.

As it is now, we need to have a device with the same resolution of the app we are prototyping, so basically if we are working on a prototype of an app for iPhone 6, an actual iPhone 6 is needed to test it on the viewer app. Even if this is the ideal situation (it matches pixel by pixel the resolution of the prototype) it would be very useful to have a "Stretch to fit" options, that would stretch the prototype to the device screen, making sure that if one of the dimensions is bigger in the prototype than the device, this one will be the one which scales down to the device's size and the other one will be proportional.

Thanks for readying.

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There are definitely some weird (and frustrating) issues with the viewer apps. Right now I have events that work right on a browser and won't work right on the viewer. There are also events working properly somewhere in the prototype, and working erratically somewhere else (being exactly the same kind of event).

So all I wrote before are probably not isolated issues with differents kind of events but issues with the viewer and maybe related with the complexity (not the size, is still less than 10mb) of the prototype: this strange behaviors are happening only with some of the recent additions to the prototype.

Some more things that happens:

- The most simple "show" action does not work properly: it show the element, then automatically it hides it, on google chrome it works well.

- Also when hiding an element, it can automatically be shown again. The very same action in other screen works right.

Are you aware of this kind of issues?


This says 'resolved' How was it resolved? I have this same issue with toggle events and tap events using show/hide. The second state shows for a fraction of a second then disappears. Works fine in the browser but doesnt work on mobile through the app.

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