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Issue with PDF Console | Crashing in Macbook Pro 2017

In Progress Prabha 4 years ago

I used JIM's inbuilt PDF widget to show a PDF file in the prototype. But it seems that there is an issue with the PDF console, that every time I try Open the prototype in JIM it crashes in all attempts.

I use Macbook Pro 2017

I have updated Adobe acrobat reader.

I am using the latest JIM version

Maybe the PDF console in JIM is an age-old widget or it might need an update for MacBooks.

I removed the PDF files from the prototypes and the prototype is not crashing now.

Please share with me if there is any solution to this. Let me try.

Thanks for the help.

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It looks to be an error in Acrobat: https://acrobat.uservoice.com/forums/590923-acrobat-for-windows-and-mac/suggestions/20385283-raise-without-a-handler

You could get around it by uninstalling Acrobat and using another service (like Preview) to view the PDFs instead.


Thank you, Danielle. Will use this solution for sure, in case of any issues.

Appreciate your help.

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