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Is there any way to recolour imported images?

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

Powerpoint for all its ills has a great feature - you can colour any image with the use of some slightly crude-but-do-the-job filters.

Would be awesome to access the same functionality - especially for SVGs and icons, only needing to upload one instance of each icon would be great.

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Hi Andrew,

One workaround for this is to link the images instead of importing them. That way if you make any color changes to the image in Photoshop or any other photo software, they will be reflected in Prototyper.




Hi Danielle,

Yes I thought about that, but this will change every instance of that image in the app and at source I still have to create two (or more) versions of the same icon, which makes asset management that little bit more heavy.

Not to worry, I'll get by.

Many thanks,


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