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Is there a way to simulate mouse down and mouse up events on a touchscreen prototype?

Solved Deuce Cruse 7 years ago

Mouse down and mouse up events work on web prototypes but I can't seem a way to do tap start or tap stop events on touchscreen prototypes. Is this a limitation of Justinmind or am I missing something?

I'm open to workarounds if anyone has any. Thanks

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Hi Joshua,

Unfortunately there are no 'on tap start' or 'on tap stop' events. A possible workaround is using an 'on drag' event or 'on tap hold' event to achieve a similar effect.

Please let me know how this works for you.




Thanks for the reply Danielle. My goal is to have events trigger as soon as the user taps a button but before they lift up their finger. I'd like the button style to change once the finger is down and to immediately update some variable values.

Drag requires the user to wiggle their finger after a press, which is unusual and cannot be expected in many cases. And tap hold takes a significant amount of time before anything happens.

Still love Justinmind though. Will keep my fingers crossed that these event triggers get added some day. :)

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