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Is there a way to escape a leading space?

Answered Withers Davis 8 years ago

I am building a dynamic breadcrumb and part of it is the / separators.

So it looks something like this

Home / SCREEN 1 / SCREEN 2

I am using a page load event to set the screen names. Because of this I'd like to use the backslash as a separator. Specifically I'd like to make the separator Space + / + Space. So (within the quotes) " / ".

I noticed that when I run the simulator that the leading space is apparently being stripped out. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening?

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OK - I have a solution to my own question. The following works for me:

1. On the text element uncheck 'autofit text'

2. Click the center justification button

3. Fix the width at something like 15 pixels

4. Delete the leading and trailing spaces in the text. So the value is simply /


Hi Withers Davis,

Great workaround!



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