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Is the video playback always on top (regardless of layering)?

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago

Hi all,

Is it possible to impose UI-elements on top of a video?

I've tried inserting a Youtube-video with the HTML-widget and a local-video with a local website (and the HTML website widget), but in both cases they cover all UI-elements even when these elements are in layers on top of the video. I noticed the same when using the Flash-widget (it is always on top). So bottomline all moving content is always on top.

I've read in a forum that this is how Justinmind works. Can somebody confirm this? Since this would make the tool useless for us (software development for TV Set top boxes). Which is a pity since on other levels it really addresses all our requirements.

It would also be convenient if more video-controls would be available from within the application (cf Proto.io).

Thank you in advance.


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Hi David,

Unfortunately the HTML widget will be always placed on top of any other element.

However, I will add this feature request into our product backlog so the development team can take into account for future updates.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Sonia Durán


A partial workaround is to use a movie converted to an animated gif and load it through the image-widget. But in this case you lose the audio of the video.


Hi Sonia,

thank you for your reply.


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