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Is the trial fully functional?

Answered Bvanhorn 4 years ago

I downloaded the free version and there's one feature that I really need. I need to be able to generate data tables from a csv file. I can see where to import the data master, so I got that part. But all your tutorials on YouTube show a bunch of icons in the Dynamic Content tab that I don't have. In my edition, the only thing in there is Dynamic Panel, and it doesn't behave the way those in the videos insofar as they don't prompt me for which master data to use.

Do I need to buy pro to get this feature?

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The trial includes all Justinmind features, so you should be able to add Data Lists and Data Grids to your prototypes. Would you be able to include a screenshot of your Justinmind interface? We can see what might not be working here.


I found the feature I was looking for.

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