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Is it possible to have each row in a data set list have a unique clickable event?

In Progress Zach Prichard 4 years ago

I'm currently creating an email client mockup and I'm populating the fake emails with a dataset list.

I also have a fake reading pane setup. It's just a dynamic panel with multiple panels to represent the emails.

I'd like to click an email and have it set the active panel for the dynamic panel in the reading pane to a specific one.

Normally not a big deal with the on click -> set active panel command. However with the way the datasets are displayed, I can't set multiple on click events to each individual row. I can only create one master on click even. So it'll only ever display the same panel in the active panel.

That make sense? Thanks!

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That's possible - but for what you're looking to do, there's actually a better way. Instead of having a dynamic panel for each email, just have one dynamic panel, which has content that changes depending on which row you click. We've created events on "Current_Row_1" that accomplish this.


Oh wow, awesome.

So to make sure I'm following. You have a text field in the data master that has the email content, but you - of course - don't have it show up in the email list. However, on click, you are telling each field to populate with the variable of each corresponding column. And here we see the "hidden" content field come into play as the body is auto-filled with that content?

Thanks for making this!!


The prototype has two types "Set Value" actions that are used to transfer the values from the Data List to the text fields in the Dynamic Panel:

1. For all fields except 'Content' (which isn't shown in the Data List - but is in the Data Master itself) the value comes from Select (Current_Row_1, Content). This selects the 'Content' from the Current_Row. Even though the Content isn't shown in the Data List, the Current_Row still contains its information.

2. For all other fields, we directly use the Input values.

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