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Is it possible to follow (clicking) links while authoring in JustInMind

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago


Is there any way (while authoring in JustInMind) where I could click on a hotspot (while holding Shift or something) and go directly to the linked page?

I do understand that some other operations and conditions would of course not work but I'm just missing this simple versatility and a more "live" experience during the design phase.

Maybe I've just overlooked something but right now, verifying if a link actually goes to the right place, requires me to:

1. Click on the element.

2. (Possibly)Click on the Events tab

3. Double-click on the "Link" event.

4. Scan through the list of pages (I have 10 at the moment) and verify that the link is in the right place.

It's a little sad because creating the link in the first place is a really superior experience where simply dragging the page onto the element adds the link very quickly with nice mouse cursor change and all.

To come full circle here I'd really like to suggest that at least, the page linked to from the currently selected element displays a "link" symbol in the pages list to clearly show where clicking the element would take the user while using the prototype.

Also, of course, having a way to actually click the link and go to the right page would be a more visceral experience where where one is able to more quickly verify the application flow without the long cycles of iteration which is the case when running the simulator.

Thank you for your attention and kind regards,

Jarl Arntzen

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Hi Jarl,

Thank for taking the time to report this and helping to make Justinmind better. I have already transfered your suggestions to our development team so they can take into account for future updates.


Sonia Durán

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