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Is it possible to copy a widget in Simulate?

Answered Jjconcel 4 years ago

Hi - I am trying to make a very simple web app prototype/demo that allows a user to create a workflow by selecting shapes/connectors from the left hand side, and dropping/arranging/connecting them in the work area on the right hand side. I cannot figure out if there is a way to do this, for example, with some Event that allows a copy of a widget to be made that can be moved with the cursor. When I create the Move with cursor event it is moving the base widget from the left hand side, so I cannot allow the user to create multiple copies that they can connect together in some simple flow such as Start=>Task=>End. Is this possible?


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Unfortunately you won't be able to make a copy in that way, you'll need to have a bunch of the nodes already loaded on the screen

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