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Is it possibile to run prototype on Android device without network connection?

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I want to run a prototype on an android device with restricted or no network connection. I tried to copy prototype files to com.justinmind.androidapp location and are able to run it with mozilla. But mozilla has no fullscreen mode and protoype is running too slow. Justinmind extension for chrome seems to exist only for desktop version of chrome.

Question: Is it possibile to get Justinmind prototype engine (full screen viewing browser) running on android without signin and without network? Alternatively: Can you recommend other full screen browser that allows to view prototype with sufficient performance (must be able to run file:// protocol, I guess)?

Thanks for your help and your advice

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Hi Ho,

You will need internet conection in order to log in into your Justinmind account and download the prototype. After, you will be able to visualize and simulate the prototype without any Internet conection.


Sonia Durán


I would have preferred a postive answer or a workaround, but thank you anyways for your quick reply and your support.

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