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iOS 9 widget greyed out and shows Question Marks

Answered XO 8 years ago

My iOS 9 icon widgets that come with the program are Greyed Out and when I move them onto my canvas I just see a Question Mark. Seems like there is a link to an image missing, but I'm not sure what to do... Any ideas?

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Hi XO,

As a prevention measure, could you please follow this itinerary to install the IOS9 fonts directly from your computer?

Applications - Justinmind - Show package contents - Contents - Resources - Java - Fonts - Open the file : IOS9-Icons-Regular.ttf

Install font

Kindly let me know how it goes.


Sonia Durán


Much better! Thank you . . .Sorry for the delay - I took a break from this program for a while and when I came back I realized that I needed to figure this out.



Can you fix all fonts issues once and for all ?

I'm using ios9 font, was displaying properly at first and than missing. I installed it like you mention above seem to work in the desktop app but when I preview from device in your mobile app ? Fontstill missing

I don't understand why justinmind still core issues like this. I'm trying to complete a interactive wireframe for an important client and It's frustrating to have to waste time trying to get around these bugs.

I've noticed another bug that I reported 1 year ago. SVG become pixelated on screen. Doesn't render properly unless you transform it a little bit and than it re-render the vector image.

Another core bug, If I place an icon font element perfectly on the screen than I expect it be exactly placed there when view at 100%. Doesn't seem to work that way when I use font based icons. It's always slightly off.

I'm using a 2014 iMac, El Captain 10.11.5 and your last version of justinmind. 7.2.2


Hi Carl,

We're sorry you're experiencing these issues. Are you a paid customer? If so, can you send this info to us so we can try to resolve this for you?



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