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Interrupting a process

Known Dparker 3 years ago

When tapping a button, I pause 3 seconds before changing panels. I want to find a vehicle like a double-tap that would allow me to utilize the 3-second interruption to intercept the change in panels and remain on the existing panel. Any ideas?

The workflow would look as follows:

Tap --> 3 second delay --> New panel.

During the 3 second window, a double-tap stops the process of going to a new panel and would look like this:

Tap --> 3 second delay (tap tap, or some other action) --> Stay on existing panel.

Any ideas?

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You could have a second button that the user could press that would always set the first Panel active? So if the user decides they don't want to go to the second Dynamic Panel they can click that button instead to stay on the current Dynamic Panel?

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