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Insert a website generated by prototyper inside other project as a partial

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

Hello Guys.

I will start with the problem: I need to reuse some projects that I generated inside others projects, as a include in PHP... Or partial in MVC. Prototyper already has this funcionality(as a Masters) , but only works inside the same project, not between projects.

knew that, I am trying to use the element: "HTML Website". This componet almost solved my problem, but has a issue... He create a copie of my partial inside the exportation, and when I close the project, he change the path for local. So, when I change something in my partial, this not be changed in all projects that use this partial... Don t solve the problem..

What can I do? has another way to do that? Or I am doing something wrong?

Sorry about my english

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Hi Mateus,

Your inquiry is being attended through our customer support portal.


Sonia Durán

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