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Benjamin Ruggeberg shared this question 5 years ago

Can I input a value from a variable into a block of text? For example:

Automated CSR: "Hi, can I have your name?"

User: "Joe"

CSR: "Thanks, Joe. Can I have your date of birth?"

The test subject would physically enter responses that will be stored to variables. I want to take some of that information and put it into a block of text.

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Hi Benjamin,

You can do this by:

1) Creating a variable, input field, and a text field

2) Select the input field and create an 'on focus out' event with the outcome 'Set value'

3) Have the element that will display the value as the variable

4) Set the value as calculated and drag the input field to the expression.

5) Select the text field and create an 'on variable change' event with the outcome 'Set value'

6) Set the value as calculated and drag the variable into the expression.



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