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Input fields does not take dynamic values

Solved Victor Conesa 7 years ago

"Set a value" do not work in some cases, unfortunatly I wasn't able to quote them.

I did the same in a different page and it worked:

- Set variable

- Onload set its default value

- Then the input onVariableChange sets its own value with the setted variable.

- After that I create a set of options which set a different value for the variable

- As the variable change the input changes too as it did with the default

But in the creepy case... do not work!!

It would be lovely to be able to debug the problem...

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Ok, I found the problem. A focus out was closing the clicable alement which was supposed to modify the variable, before its events could even happen. :S

The case may happen to somebody else, so I hope the solution is helpful for them too.

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