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Info not really saved when prompted to restart

Solved Victor Conesa 7 years ago

I'm evaluating the product and have had something similar happen to me twice now. Each involved changing a Preference setting, requiring me to restart and save, but the saved changes didn't actually take so when I went to re-open they were gone. However, I cannot replicate the issue using the exact same steps. Earlier today, when this happened the text on a rectangle disappeared and when I went to re-enter it, I got an error causing me to restart the app, this kept happening so I had to delete the widget and start over. Any ideas why this would periodically happen? I'm on OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.

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Hi Molly,

It sounds like there might have been an error with the installation process of the application. If possible, can you try downloading the software again? You can find it here: justinmind.com/download

Let me know if after reinstalling you're still seeing these issues.



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