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Increment by 10 also when selecting a value

Under Consideration Armin Seltz 5 years ago

When you select an object in the canvas you can move it by 1 pixel using the arrow keys. You can move it by 10 pixels at a time when holding shift.

If you have selected a value, you can use the up and down arrow keys to increment/decrement by 1. In most other software holding Shift also increments or decrements by 10. Using the page up/page down keys is in my opinion, not a good solution when a solution already exists for one paradigm, why add another one. Especially since Sketch and most other software I can think of uses the Shift-Arrow-Key-increments-by-10 functionality. If you have it for move, why not add it to any text box.

It becomes especially apparent if you try to increment X and Y values. If you just select the object you can move by 10px using Shift-arrow, but if you have the value for X or Y selected you have to use an entirely different shortcut.

Please add the functionality of shifting by 10 in numerical values, just like any other software does.


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Hi Armin,

Thank you for this suggestion! I have forwarded this to our team.



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