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Inconsistent dismissal of pop-up menus in Events panel

Solved Dave 8 years ago

A problem that I reported some time ago (Pop-up "gear" menus in Events panel take 2 clicks outside the menu to dismiss) persists, but is a little bit more complex with the (great!) new features in the Events panel:


In the GIF clip above:

I pop up the menu for the On Click event, then dismiss it by clicking outside of the menu. Perfect!

I pop up the gear menu for the interaction "Interaction name" (I haven't named that one, I guess), and it exhibits the problem, taking two clicks to dismiss.

I pop up the menu for the new "" item between two actions. Unfortunately, it exhibits the problem, which is that it takes two clicks outside the menu to dismiss it.

The menus that behave as expected are the Event menu (the gear that I pop up at the beginning of the above GIF clip) and the right-click menu for an individual action. The others all show the "two-clicks-to-dismiss" issue.


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Hi Dave,

Thanks for reporting! We will fix this.



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