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Include what you can't do in the learn content

Under Consideration Karen 3 years ago

When I'm trying to learn how to do something new I read the instructions. However, if it isn't possible it can take ages hunting for the answer because all your instructional content is restricted to what you can do.

Everything has limitations and I accept that. My frustration develops when my time is wasted hunting for something that isn't there because you don't want sound negative.

I've used a lot of prototyping tools and yours is a great one, I recommend it all the time but I also tell people to look out for my biggest frustration - wasting time reading all the tutorials then searching the forum only to find I was on a wild goose chase because that feature doesn't exist.

Examples - edit CSS. Not essential but the default font is too small on the drop-down widget and I'm aiming for accessibility compliance.

Not seeing the "Events" panel in the free version. I thought I was losing my mind, I had assessed JIM for a client a while ago and totally forgot that I'd used up the free trial. I installed a new version to check if JIM could do what I need for a current project and it took me ages to work out that I wasn't on the "free trial" I was on the "free version" because JIM had been installed sometime in the past. Happy to pay for JIM, just wanted to be sure it could do what I specifically need for this project before committing.

Thanks for a great product and for giving us the option to propose ideas, I love that!

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Thank you so much for your feedback! We really appreciate it - we're always looking to improve our tutorials, so this is very helpful.

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