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In Scenario, overlapping arrows are now broken arrows

In Progress eggroll 6 years ago

Because of the many screens and options within these screens, I have a number of arrows where the only option to have them connect the correct two screens is by overlapping some previously created arrows. Everything looked fine when I initially added the arrows to the scenario, but now, after reopening my work from yesterday, many of these overlapped arrows are now broken, either joined to the arrow they are overlapping, or terminating connected to nothing.

Have you seen this before? Is there something I need to do to overlap arrows, because I am not able to implement all of the screen connections I need without doing it.



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It turns out the problem is not that the arrows are broken, it is related to a previous request of mine to be able to add line breaks within arrow captions. As it applies here, I would expand this request so that it also includes captions for screens. Either the ability to add line breaks or allow arrows to overlap the boxes that contain actions, screens, etc.

With specific respect to screens, if, in a scenario, a screen caption is wider than the screen itself, you cannot get arrows to visually terminate at the screen, they terminate at the width of the screen's caption. So, with screens positioned next to each other, depending upon how wide their captions are and how close the screens are to each other, it can appear that the arrows between them are cut off, like the image I included in my original post. Those arrows are actually complete, they just cannot be drawn any closer to the screens due to the width of the captions under the screens they connect to.

The obvious immediate solution is to move things farther apart, but as the number of screens increases, the larger the scenario becomes with the additional space required. Overall, the suggestions above would, I feel, be preferable. It would be great if one or both of them could be incorporated into JIM at some point.



Dear Eggroll,

If possible, can you send us a video capture or a snippet so we can see what might be happening? You can attach files here at the community in .rar extension.


Sonia Durán

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