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Improvements to the Guides and Grid

Completed James Brooks 6 years ago

I'd like to make a couple of suggestions that would be a huge help to my workflow... and I have to assume there are plenty of folks who would agree on these.

  1. Make keyboard shortcuts for turning the guides and grids on and off... it's very cumbersome to have to go to "File -> Preferences -> sub tab -> change setting -> apply" every single time I want to show or hide these items. In Illustrator it's something simple like "Ctrl ;" to show/hide these items. As I am working I constantly show/hide these elements to make adjustments and check placements and alignment.
  2. Make the Grid able to be on top of all the items on the page AND allow the dots to be set to a custom color. It's not that useful if you can't see it because it's behind everything and sometimes you need to set it to like: pink or lime green or something so that it appears really clearly over a gray background.
  3. Make it so you can choose whether these things do or do not display in Simulate or when saving out image files. The reason is this... this is a great wireframing/prototype tool and as such the output is often being delivered to Developers. When they can SEE the grid and the guides and you've set things up well they often times don't even need a lot of labels and arrows describing things. In Illustrator I MAKE a grid and custom columns that can be overlayed across my wireframes and the developers love it! Say a gutter is 20px... well I use a 10x10 grid so all they have to do is count two boxes and they know the pixel amount. If you made this functionality you'd have a leg up on Adobe in this area.

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Hi James,

Thank you so much for these ideas! I have forwarded them along to our development team.




Cool. Thanks

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