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Improvements on New event pop up to prototype faster

Completed Victor Conesa 8 years ago

With the introduction of JIM 6.9 the New event dialog have been redesigned with some pros and cons. I am working with a complex prototype and when you have lots of layers and panels in a screen, those little details that were a little annoying, soon become a big usability issue. Here some good improvements:

- Automatically select the element you opened the new event from. I believe this was the behavior before the new release. Many times you want to apply an action on the same element you are creating the event from, and also many times the action should be applied to and element very near or in the same layer/panel than this element. So why not select this in the outline and then let the user decide?

- Having an option "Don't show hided elements in New event outline panel" would help a lot. In some screens I have like 7 or 8 panels that are above the main panel (popup, dialogs, and so on), they are hidden in the outline. Every time I create an event, I have to hide from the New event dialog outline every single panel to finally get to the panel I am interested into. It is tedious.

- Remember outline panel size. This might seem like a little thing but... why let you resize the outline panel if every time you open it, it come back to the initial size?

There are probably more, but these three I consider them essential.

Thanks a lot for readying.

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Hey! I agree with all your points, especially with the first. At least there should be an option to choose if you want this behavior or not.. this can save hours in a big prototype!


Hi Diego Pau,

We will take into account your suggestions for future updates.


Sonia Durán


Thanks Sonia!

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