Impossible to discard changes if the version of the prototype has changed

Laurent Barbareau shared this problem 3 years ago



  1. Open a shared project that is not in the last version of the prototyper.
  2. Just start adding for instance a comment on an element and finally click Cancel.
  3. Try to close the project then you get warning supposed to give you the possibilities to remove lock on elements but this gives another warning that ask to commit or discard local changes.
  4. Whatever you try to unlock elements or discard changes, you won't be able to close the project.

We should be able to close projects without forcing other users to update their prototyper !

Moreover, the prototyper update is so so long, that you can believe there's a problem and then you kill the process, because you can't even use the Cancel button !

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Dear Laurent,

Thank you for taking the time to report this. We really appreciate your suggestion and will take into account on future updates.


Sonia Durán