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Impossible to add a question here with Firefox

Solved Laurent Barbareau 7 years ago


With Firefox (49.0.1) I can't add a question in this forum. I just can type the title but the Description field remains locked. No cursor blinking in it and the text format icons are neither visible.

Do am I the only one ?

With Chrome no problem.


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Hi Laurent,

Thanks for reporting this. We are investigating this further and will get back to you with a solution ASAP.




I don't know if you made something but today I can add comment here from Firefox...

But, I can see that I have a similar problem with Chrome, in a particular case. When I have a tab opened on a JIM forum topic, if I close Chrome and reopen it then I can't add comment on the automatically reloaded topic. I have to reload the page before to be able to do it.

I suspect a resource not to be loaded at the proper moment, then some Javascript code do not execute as they should. Btw, I have no proof of that and I haven't seen any JS execution error into the browser debug console.

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