icons missing when simulating prototype

Adam Howard shared this problem 4 years ago

When I open my prototype the icons are displayed correctly, but when I simulate the prototype (in any browser) they show up as missing images. If I replace every icon then it works until I edit the prototype with another computer, at which point all the icons again disappear in the simulation.

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Hi Adam,

The problem with simulation and question marks is due to a installation problem of Justinmind related to users and permissions. If you are using windows, the problem can be fixed by navigating to the software where JIM is installed (i.e c:\Program files (x86)\Justinmind\Justinmind Prototyper 6.7.5), and look for the file called 'JustinmindPrototyper.ini'. On this file, right-click on 'Properties' and on the 'Security' tab, edit the user permissions to give reading and writing permissions to the file.

Kindly let me know how it goes.


Sonia Durán


Hi Sonia,

I am having the same issue on my Team project using MacOSX (Sierra) && Just in mind 7.5.0.

I cannot find any JustinmindPrototyper.ini file in the folder.

I dragged icons from the Android Icon widget library to my shared prototype and they display fine.

I then run the Simulate button and on my machine the icons look fine.

Then I update the prototype to pull any changes from another user.

The icons they have used look fine in my prototype editor.

I then run the simulation and my icons look fine but the other users icons are replaced with ? placeholders.

If the other user pulls my changes then the same happens to their project (all my icons are displayed as ? in simulation or published)

Any Ideas? we have moved all our project over to JustInTime and this issue is critical for us. (we need to share the publish externally to shareholders).

Kind regards,



Hi Daren,

Have you created the whole prototype with version 7.5.0? Or have you started creating the prototype with an older version? As there were some issues related with the font icons, on our last release all the icons were converted into SVG files to solve these problems.

In case you have included the icons from an older version, that could be the reason why you are experiencing this issue so you should replace them by icons from our updated Android gallery.

Let me know how this works for you.


Sonia Durán