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Icon Shortcut - Change icon easily

Solved Pierre Jamet 7 years ago

Hi Justinmind team,

The recent change in managing icons in Justinmind had prevented some problematics from happening (question mark instead of icons when simulating) but it change the way to use them too.

What was great with font was the feature to change one icon with an other of the same library.

One coul begin a prototype with a "plus" and change it next, after workshops, with an "expand".

It was easy as copying the text of the new icon and paste it in the old one (with the good color, size, position, interaction, name, ...)

Now it's not possible anymore - or I didn't find the feature.

Could you please add this feature in Justinmind, maybe like in the attached image in the properties tab

So we could :

  1. Drop the new icon on the screen
  2. Copy it
  3. Select the old icon in the screen or in the outline
  4. Paste it

Thanks a lot,


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It's tagged "Solved" but there's just a suggestion, no solution explained.

How is it solved?


This is NOT solved !


Hi all - not sure why this was marked solved.

I have sent this feature request to our team.

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