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I would like to resize an image from the center instead of top left corner, is that possible?

Answered Judit 6 years ago

I'm implementing a zoom image functionality and I would like the image to increment according a percentage from the center instead of the top left corner.

I've tried different options:

  1. move the image after the resize but it looks weird. I can't do it the same time because then looks it doesn't know the size of the image and goes out of the panel.
  2. Use a dynamic panel with a centered layout but then I lose the drag and drop functionality
  3. Use different panels but I lose then the zoom in effect

Is there any other option to try? Thanks!

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Dear Judit,

The correct option is the 1 and should work. If possible, check out if the "move" and "resize" expressions have been set correctly,


Sonia Durán

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