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I would like to edit events, conditions and actions with code.

Completed Victor Conesa 8 years ago

It would be great if I could write code in items so that instead of drag and drop it would be possible to quickly create events. It would be perfectly OK if justinmind is later incapable of converting it back to drag-and-drop actions. An example would be:

event OnClick() {

if (input_1.isVisible || someBool || someNumber > 0) {

something = 1;

} else {

etc etc



It would also be great if I could call other events in that code. Like

event OnKeyPress(key_enter) {

SendButton.OnClick(); // Do same thing with enter that click does. "SendButton" is id of an element.


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Hi there,

Unfortunately this is not possible. Perhaps you could use some elements of code to configure your 'When' and 'Else' conditions.




Is there any progress on this? I would love to be able to write/edit in a code view, since I find the graphical view confusing for more complex stuff.

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