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I phone scroll problem

In Progress Erkan Kocyigit 5 years ago

Hello, i'd like to ask about a problem. We have found 3 important issues. We have back button sticked on top of the mobile page. When we scroll the entire document which has been converted into dynamic panel; we'd like to back button to go to the second active panel with which we change BG color & style. To do so we need scroll position of the dynamic panel. (See in pictures) The Dynamic panels' objects or itself X and Y positions live. As far as i see we cannot get objects' live X-Y values while scrolling. If we do not put all the elements into a dynamic panel, we can get scrollY position cool for android devices but on iphone scrolling without dynamic panel is so slow & problematic. 2 screen shots for my app design. When i scroll 100 px y axis i d like the top panel to change on color. Why can't we scroll cool on iphone without dynamic panel. If you can solve that issue it ll be the solution.

The other on iphones focus on textarea still do not work on load.

The other is the shaking objecst on iphone if you have sticky elements on your design.

Will it be possible to solve these problems.

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Hi Erkan,

Apologies for the late response here! First, we fixed some issues with scrolling on the iPhone mobile app. What version of the mobile app are you using? You can find out by loading up the mobile app, sign in, then click on the hamburger menu to reveal 'about'. Click on that and you'll see the version.

We can create an event for this to work with the dynamic panel, but it would be much easier to do if everything is on the base screen rather than the dynamic panel, so figuring out issues with the mobile app first would be best.



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