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I need help creating a variable! Please help

In Progress Niha 6 years ago

As you can see, there is no variables tab for me. Now, how do I set a variable = to what the user inputs (like in a text box). Then use that same variable on another screen. For example, I said "input task 1" on one screen, and on the following screen, I said "How long do you think" "task 1" takes. Except instead of task 1, I want the value of task 1. Say the user inputs running, then on the next screen, it should say, How long do you think running takes. THank you!

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Hi Niha,

Are you using the free version? If so, unfortunately you won't be able to use variables.

If you have a license, or are still within your 30 day trial, you can try resetting all the panels in your workspace in order to bring back the variables panel. You can do this by going to View -> Reset workspace.





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