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I love what I have seen so far but, how limited is the demo?

Solved Camilo E. Rosero 7 years ago

In terms of features, libraries, costume pre-built components, more video tutorials, effects libraries, fully functional templates we can customize to speed the development process, better support etc? I was hoping to have an app prototype ready and I found my self stuck. I could not simulate the prototype heavy with screens. I was not able to find topics with answers to questions that I have related to effects.

So far I have been reading some discouraging feedback in this community. I do hope that its a matter of moving from the demo to the actual product. Because i had no problems familiarizing my self with the GUI, its very intuitive!

This will effect my decision to purchase it or not.

My goal is to essentially prototype an app that will ultimately be built using the ionic framework and possibly with the material effects that Google's Material Design!

Thank you for your assistance.

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Hi Camilo,

Thank you for your interest in Justinmind. The trial version contains all Justinmind features, including those in the Enterprise version. We are constantly working on improving the performance of Justinmind, though sometimes prototypes with very many screens, high resolution images, or many data masters can decrease performance. As a prevention measure, we recommend limiting the number of screens you use, as well as resizing any high resolution images to a lower resolution.

Hope this answers your questions.




Hi Danielle,

Thank you for your reply. That makes a lot of sense.


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