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I can't see what is inside my current row

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago


I've got a data grid and I want to put some objects in it, e.g. a remove item button.

When I click on the 'current row' in the navigator a dotted line shows me where the current row is, but I cannot see any of the objects that are inside it. This makes it difficult to position them or click on them.

I've posted a picture of what happens if I click on a item in the navigator - in this case a rectangle with some text on it. But it is not possible to see the text.

If I click on the rectangle and try and drag it, it takes the rectangle out of the current row and puts it into another layer.

Not sure what I've done here - it's like I've reduced the viewable size of the current row.

Any help much appreciated.




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Hi Jamie,

Could you send us you .vp file to us so we can take a look?



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