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I can't remove user! (Whom already signed out)

In Progress Ejlim88 5 years ago


There're two problem here.

Firstly, I can't remove user from my account via User Management tab. (I'm project owner, by the way.) every time I click the remove this user button it keep saying that User that I wanted to remove must signed out from JustInMind desktop app. She already signed out as it told, but I still can't remove her account! She even tried turn off her PC, but this problem still goes on.

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And Secondly, Since this problem above have happened, I tried to contact to Customer support. However despite I had entered my ID and PW correctly, that page have not let me sign in but saying "Cannot sign in suspended user #371589121852". This is nonsense, This is my first time to use customer support. Why am I a suspended user?

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I tried everything I can, please help me.

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The issue is that you are using a trial account, which does not get access to the customer support portal until you purchase a license. Your company does have a subscription, but it's under another user (sw-license). That user does have access to the customer support portal.

In any case, I have removed the user from your trial account.

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