I can't open a file again after a Crash

Erick shared this problem 20 months ago
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I had a correct installation of Prototyper (6.2.0) and it has been working in a virtual machine.

But someday while I was working the app and windows hangs.

Then I decided to increase the number of processor x2 and the memory x0.5

When I start again the windows virtual machine and Justmind Prototyper then I could never open my file again.


I tried to use a previous version of the file, but didn't work.

I also tried reinstalling the application.

The log file:

[main           ] [2020-01-10 16:45:45] INFO  com.justinmind.prototyper  - START Justinmind Prototyper
[main           ] [2020-01-10 16:45:51] INFO  com.justinmind.metrics  - {type=PC_INFO, hostname=win-lbcjnjadv48, user=mv001, install_id=747319062, license=A2361AC476CF4F147E7E60E79EE4329D, os=Windows 7, os_version=6.1, arch=x86, country=US, language=en, product=Prototyper Pro, version=6.2.0, java_version=1.6.0_23-b05, cpu=pentium_pro+mmx pentium_pro pentium+mmx pentium i486 i386 i86, dpi=96, displays=1, resolution=1366x768}
[main           ] [2020-01-10 16:45:51] INFO  com.justinmind.metrics  - {type=STARTED}
[main           ] [2020-01-10 16:45:55] INFO  com.justinmind.prototyper  - Xmx set to 1024m on C:\Program Files\Justinmind\Justinmind Prototyper 6.2.0\JustinmindPrototyper.ini. Available memory: 1610080256 allocatable memory: 1288064160(80%) memory to allocate: 1073741824
[main           ] [2020-01-10 16:45:56] INFO  com.justinmind.metrics  - {type=CLOSED, use_time=4836}
[main           ] [2020-01-10 16:45:57] ERROR com.justinmind.prototyper  - com.justinmind.evc.igu.main.zh@8d0a11
	at org.eclipse.ui.internal.actions.CommandAction.init(CommandAction.java:201)
I attached the full version.

Files: logs.log

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Are you able to open or create other prototype files, or is it just that file in particular that can't be opened?


Is just that file, I can create new prototypes.


Ok, thanks for the info. Can you attach the .vp file here? We may be able to recover it. You can compress it to .zip/.rar format to attach it here.

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