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I cannot use my free trial account on new computer

Known V Henriquessantos 3 years ago


Recently, I bought a computer from a friend of mine and, for academic porpuses, I opted to install Justinmind Prototyper. However, even using a newly created account, it still says that other user had already installed it, so I'm unable to use my Free Trial. How can I solve this?

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I provided my email and password to download the free wireframe software on a brand new computer. I have never initiated a free trial online and I only downloaded the software once. Here is the message that popped up after I downloaded and installed the .exe file and launched the software: Your free trial has expired. You or another user has already tried Justinmind in this computer. You can use the free edition or upgrade now to keep these amazing features. [Buttons: Upgrade - Sign in to another account - Use the Free edition.]

Did your site erroneously tag me as a prior user? I have not started the free online trial but I may want to do so in the future. Can you reset my account to indicate that I have not used the free trial yet?

By the way, the phrase " in this computer" should be corrected to "on this computer."

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