How to display a video player as a popup on click of a button?

gowri penkar shared this question 5 years ago

Hi... I am working on a prototype and I am stuck with a certain interaction.

I need to display a video player on the click of a button and there should be an option to close and dismiss the video player with a 'close window' kind of button.

Is there anyone who can help me out? Really need this urgently for an assignment I have to present soon.

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You have two ways to do so. One is to create a new screen, then place the video player there (for instance using an HTML widget and pasting a youtube embed html code). Then go back to the other screen and create an event like this: on click -> link to -> 'the screen with the video' -> open in a pop up window.

The other way is to drag a dynamic panel, place the video inside and the close icon you like. Then mark the entire dynamic panel as hidden (in properties) and create an event like this:

on click -> show -> dynamic panel