How to add value to drop down list with already fixed set of values.

Seong shared this question 5 years ago


As per the title, I want to be able to add value to a drop down list

with already populated set of values dynamically.

ie. A value entered in a text box will add the value to the drop down list after clicking a button. I have tried it with the entered value, storing it in a variable and add that variable to the list but had no luck.


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I did get it managed to dynamically add the input of a text box to the item lists but now I have another problem not being able to place the newly added item on a new separate line. It is displayed next to the last line of the fixed item values.


This tutorial might help you


Hi Victor,

Thanks for your prompt support.

but the tutorial you gave me still doesn't answer my question.

I want to know how to add a new item(data) to a drop down list on a NEW line,


tag or some sort at runtime.

At the moment, whatever I add to the list sits on the same line of the last item.


Sorry I misunderstood. The character ',' is used in drop downs to separate the values. So you just need to add a ',' to the new value you want to add.