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How to share a mobile prototype with a business user (using the justinmind app)

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I have a team member who has developed a shared prototype for a mobile device - How does he share this prototype with a business user for review?

It appears like the only option that its permitting is for the reviewer to install the desktop version and open shared protoype?

Is there any way for the business user to just use the 'justinmind' app ? Ideally the business user opens the Just In Mind app and is able to see that a new prototyope is available for review - Is this possible?

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Hi there,

The steps are:

-Opening the Justinmind account and the project, then click on "invite reviewers".

-An email will be sent with a link to open it in a browser and a 6-character token.

-If they download the Justinmind app they have to click on "Don't have a password?" and introduce the token. (You need to take into account that the app is only for viewing and to add comments )

-The reviewer will have to click on the link provided in the email. (If he doesn't the email please ask him to check the spam folder. )




Hello Sonia, please does it mean they would not be able to view the prototype if they do not download the app?


While we recommend they download the app, they could also view the prototype on their phone by clicking the prototype link in the email they receive that invited them to the prototype. It should open the prototype in a mobile browser on their phone.


Hello, could you tell us to which email you have sent it and it has not worked?



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