How to set an image for each data list row?

Mario shared this problem 2 years ago

I have a Data Master of Restaurants populated by image URLs (attribute photo), names, ids, and ratings.

When I create a Data List (without any FILTER condition assigned to) I can easily assign each image which is inside a row to a datalist input (On Load event + set value), and the result set is a table of images, each one where it is supposed to be.

But when I apply a FILTER condition, for example to restrict the result properly, showing only the desired instances, I cannot find a way to assign the photo input text to its related image (envelope icon). When I put current row into the first slot of SELECT queries, the result is that the first image is repeated on each row. I can't find a way to simulate the typical instruction "" of popular programming languages.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Hi Mario,

Instead of using an on page load set value event, input the photo itself into the data master. To do this, change the data master type to 'file upload' and then in the View/Edit records section of the data master, upload a photo file for each record. Now a photo will be associated with each specific row.