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how to select a specific datarecord and display all the details of it on next page from a dropdown

Answered Krishna Lahoti 7 years ago

for example in my drop down if i click on krishna lahoti which is a datamaster record i should be able to see the details like mobile number,email-id,address which are also the attributes of same data master

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Hi Krishna,

To do this, create a variable. Then create an 'on change -> set value' event for the dropdown. Have it set the value to the variable as krishna lahoti. Then create a condition that is When.... drop down [selected] = krishna lahoti.

On the next page, create an 'on page load -> set value' event for a data list with the records you'd like to show. Have it filter the data list to show only krishna lahoti. You can learn how to filter data lists here: (https://www.justinmind.com/support/how-to-filter-data-lists-using-a-tree-menu-in-your-web-prototypes/) but change the event to on page load, and have the attribute be krishna lahoti instead of T1. Lastly, create a condition for this event that is When... variable = krishna lahoti.

Hope this helps.




Thanks a lot danielle it works fine, happy with your quick response.

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