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How to remove iPad frame around the canvas?

Known Maxim Velichkin 6 years ago

I'm using an iPad prototype because I have to be able to call the iPad keyboard when typing text in the input fields. The iPad template automatically generates the iPad frame around the canvas.

1. Is it possible to remove this frame around the canvas?

2. Is there a way to overlay this frame with another image?

3. Will this frame still be visible if I will open the prototype on an actual iPad?

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I have done something similar with the iPhone prototype, so it may be a possible solution for you. There is an ability to export your prototype to HTML. Once you export to HTML, you will be able to dig into it and remove the image of the iPad frame. There may be an easier way, but this has worked for me.

As far as whether the frame will be visible on an actually iPad, I can only tell you it doesn't show the iPhone frame on an iPhone, but that is because it is simulated via the JIM iOS app. If I were to simulate it on a browser on the iPhone, then I'm assuming the iPhone frame would be displayed. So, see if there is a JIM app for the iPad. If so, it should display as though your prototyped app is actually running on the iPad. If not, JIM customer support may have a solution for you.

Hope this helps. Cheers!

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