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How to populate a variable from a paginated single row data list

Answered Steven Lord 7 years ago

I have a filtered data list that is paginated with a single row showing at a time. I want to populate a variable each time I click on the next or previous buttons. I want the data list to update first and then populate the variable with one data element value. Anyone know how do I do this?

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Hi Steven,

Can you elaborate on what data/value you'd like to populate the variable? From the details in your request, this appears to be a simple On Click -> Set value event.




I have a filtered list paginated to show one row at a time.

I have 2 buttons that handles the pagination, previous and next

I have a variable defined

Hi Danielle

What I want to do is on the click event on the buttons, after the pagination event, I want to set the value of the variable to the value of one of the fields in the data list.

The event doesn't set the variable correctly. If I move the update event to the click event on the row of the data list, the variable updates correctly.

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