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How to insert an element on a canvas so all elements below are repositioned accordingly?

Answered Pavel Klimes 7 years ago


I'm a new user evaluating Justinmind and this problem drives me crazy.

Let's suppose that I've a complex prototype page with many elements on it and decide to add a new section somewhere in the existing page - all I need is to be able to make space for this new section so all the elements/panels below are automatically moved down.

The functionality today is that the new element is just placed on top the existing ones.

Yes, I can reposition each individual element below to make the space, but this would destroy my work and take hours, besides you can't reposition panels by dragging them to a new location (only from the properties setting).

I'm sure that every user of Justinmind must have the same problem and therefore there must be a simple way around it, but so far I haven't been able to find it.

BTW no tutorial that I've seen on this subject covers this situation :-(

How do you do it?

Thx for you help

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Hi Pavel,

I recommend you using the layout feature (Properties tab). It will help you to organise the space much better.


Sonia Durán

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