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How to: HD resolution on Android Devices

Answered Victor Conesa 9 years ago

Why when trying to prototype on a 1080x1920 screen on Android Device it automaticaly converts to a "tablet-like" device and widgets like the Horizontal Softkeys don't fit in? It's like it is too much bigger for them...

Most of new Android devices have fullHD screens and bigger, am I doing something wrong?

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Hi Alvaro,

Simulation on Android devices doesn't have an specific template for the device. This is because Android devices have many different case shapes and there is not a generic one (such as it is with iPhone). For that, Android simulator appears always with a neutral case.

When you drag a widget to the screen, it is created for a specific resolution but you can modify it and adapt it to your device size (by modifying each small element that conforms the widget).



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